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For a Lady Pope


The woman has so much natural power and influence that the men who wrote the Old Testament wanted by all means to limit its action. Indeed, it is the woman who gives life, who knows who the father of her children, it is the woman who feeds the child, which educates the form is that it leads to some so ... if the family still had to give him importance in the lives of adults, what would be left to men? More much, they thought.

These men of the Old Testament were therefore made ​​to limit its power in the civil and religious life. Ban women to read the Torah prohibition to speak in synagogues. Better than this: that God has decreed that the woman was unclean seven days per month during her period. Prohibition to touch it, to be affected. The door was locked, as it were divine instructions.

Check for yourself if the position of the Church in this area is linked to Gospel values

Pope Francis speaks of women

The Church, rather than being a beacon in the field of women's rights, has extinguished the light. Let’s hope that Pope Francis can reverse the trend and embrace many female collaborators

The true reasons for prohibiting the ordination of women

Is it really acceptable that what caused the separation of women from worship at the time of Jesus Christ - periodic impurity - can still have an influence in today’s 21st century? The fact that the Catholic Church continues to uphold such a thesis is…

The nuns rebellion

The nuns are rebelling and it will hurt. Nothing is more rebellious than a woman. They are determined to have the right to speak. How far will it go?

The protest finally comes to the fore

140 German, Austrian and Swiss Catholic theologians ask for reform Today, the protest has finally reached the heart of the Catholic Church itself. In February 2011, more than 140 German, Austrian and Swiss Catholic theologians asked for wide reforms…

Opinion poll results on the ordination of women

The percentage of worshippers in the Catholic Church who speak out in favour of women’s ordination is growing year by year. It is obvious that the faithful have distanced themselves from the Catholic hierarchy. The figures speak for themselves. Let’s…

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