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Pedophilia in the Catholic Church was a terrible tragedy.
While the priests have long been considered in this respect above all suspicion, that in the early 1980s of pedophilia cases broke out in significant numbers in the United States.

In Rome, the Vatican was certainly aware of some cases, but we were able to throw a veil over these through. He thought he could sit on the lid of the pot that was waiting to explode. The explosion was violent. Many bishops were concerned, after the United States, it was Ireland, Belgium, Austria, Holland ...

Benedict XVI, after nearly thirty years of procrastination (it already piloted the affairs of morals in the Church from 1981) in March 2010 wrote a letter to the Catholics of Ireland., In which he expressed "openly shame and remorse "and criticizes the" inadequate response "of bishops.

Paedophilia within the Belgian Catholic Church

Summarising the evolution of the cases of paedophilia in the Belgian Catholic Church is not easy, as so many events have taken place over the past few years. We will therefore simply underline the main events. The most complete history of events can be…

Paedophilia. The Irish drama

What happened in Ireland deserves to be discussed in a separate article, considering the incredibly high number of victims and the extent to which it undermined the Catholic Church. Ireland has a population of around 4.4 million, the majority of whom…

Paedophilia - Benedicte XVI acknowledges the Church’s responsibility

Since his accession to the Pontificat, Pope Benedicte XVI has found himself submerged by cases of pedeophilia. 2010 was a very testing year. He has, on several occasions, strongly condemned all acts of pedeophilia and declared his shame about what had…

Paedophilia. The Church’s attitude before and during the pontificate of Jean Paul II

The Crimen sollicitationis letter of 1962 In 1962, the Supreme Sacred Congregation of the Holy Office, which would later become the Sacred Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith sent, at the end of the Second Vatican Council, a secret letter…

Paedophilia in the Church. The facts. In brief.

It was in 1985, in the United States, that the first report revealing a series of cases of paedophilia was published. It had been written by a Catholic priest, Th. P. Doyle, following several complaints. The bishops decided to react independently within…

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