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For a Lady Pope

Opinion poll results on the ordination of women

The percentage of worshippers in the Catholic Church who speak out in favour of women’s ordination is growing year by year.

It is obvious that the faithful have distanced themselves from the Catholic hierarchy. The figures speak for themselves. Let’s have a look at some opinion polls that have been published in the last few years.

In Austria, 72% of Austrians are in favour of allowing women to be ordained as priests.

In 2002, in France, an investigation revealed that 81% of French Catholics would be in favour of priests marrying (69% of practising Catholics), and 79% would not be against the ordination of women (63% of practising Catholics).

Amongst younger people, two recent surveys carried out in Canada during World Youth Days showed that more than 80% of young people are in favour of women’s ordination.

The evolution is apparent even among priests. In 2010, priests in the Flanders region of Belgium were questioned. 68.7% think that women shouldn’t be excluded from priesthood compared to 14% who think they should. 17.3% didn’t answer one way or the other.

We can expect that, in only a few years, 85% of the Catholic faithful will be in favour of women’s ordination.

Can we really believe that such a high percentage of worshippers in favour of the ordination of women is, according to the Catholic Church, supporting a serious crime, a crime more serious in fact than the crime of sexual abuse against a minor?

We perceive, in the Church’s hierarchy, attempts to reverse the trend by trying to make those who speak out in favour of the ordination of women feel guilty (they describe the ordination of women as gross misconduct). This coercive behaviour is bound for failure.

In this area, one based on a doctrinal measure and which is not founded on the scriptures, don’t allow yourself to be like the Vatican, who is simply trying to take away our freedom to make conscious decisions.

Know (and here we address all those with troubled souls) that a loyal Catholic has never gone to hell because (s)he thinks that a woman has the right to join the priesthood and (s)he doesn’t need to go to confession for holding such monstrous beliefs. Be assured that being in favour of women joining the priesthood is nothing like saying that one is in favour of paedophilia, even if the Vatican treats the ordination of women and committing acts of paedophile in the same way, saying (July 15th 2010) that they are both the most serious of offenses.

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