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For a Lady Pope


The woman has so much natural power and influence that the men who wrote the Old Testament wanted by all means to limit its action. Indeed, it is the woman who gives life, who knows who the father of her children, it is the woman who feeds the child, which educates the form is that it leads to some so ... if the family still had to give him importance in the lives of adults, what would be left to men? More much, they thought.

These men of the Old Testament were therefore made ​​to limit its power in the civil and religious life. Ban women to read the Torah prohibition to speak in synagogues. Better than this: that God has decreed that the woman was unclean seven days per month during her period. Prohibition to touch it, to be affected. The door was locked, as it were divine instructions.

Check for yourself if the position of the Church in this area is linked to Gospel values

Women rabbis

Amongst our friends the Jews, women are allowed to become rabbis. The first female rabbi, Regina Jonas, was German and was ordained in 1935 by a liberal rabbi. She had written a thesis entitled, “According to the Halakha, can a woman become a rabbi?”…

Anglicanism and women priests

Anglicanism was born in the 16th century when the King of the England, Henry VIII, broke away from the Pope in 1530, because his request for the annulment of his marriage to Catherine Aragon was refused by the Vatican. This schism led to a revolution. For…

Women pastors in the Protestant Churches

The Protestant Churches do not have a clergy, so to speak. The pastor is not a priest in the Catholic or Orthodox sense of the term, separated from the congregation. Protestants believe that every worshipper is part of the universal priesthood. Only…

Women only have one right when it comes to ordination – the right to keep quiet!

The Pope showed the door to the Catholic Bishop, William Morris, for speaking in favour of clerics marrying. The Australian bishop was dismissed at the age of 67 after having led the Queensland diocese for 18 years. The news was announced on the 1st May…

The Virgin Mary – did she have any other children?

This subject has always been a controversial one. Once again we’ll look at texts taken from the New Testament and study them calmly and objectively. Let’s start with Matthew 12:46. “While He was still talking to the multitudes, behold, His mother and…

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