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For a Lady Pope

Morals & Ethics

In this chapter are written a series of articles dealing with theses defended by the Catholic Church on various topics of morality and ethics.

Everyone will have to give its opinion on the positions known as "all or nothing" and judgments to the punch. Consider two examples. How to interpret the statements of Cardinal Angelo Bagnasco, saying about a bill that concubinage "legalize reports coexistence tantamount to recognizing pedophilia and incest."

Think of as Mexican Cardinal Javier Lozano Barragan saying: "Transsexuals and homosexuals will never enter the Kingdom of Heaven."

How the Church addresses the problem she divorced and remarried, those of euthanasia, abortion, in vitro fertilization? If the church fixed barriers, it should accept freedom of conscience.

What do the Old and New Testaments say about divorce and remarriage?

The Catholic Church, unlike the Orthodox, Anglican and Protestant Churches, forbids divorce and the remarriage of a divorcee or divorced man. Other Christian Churches, however, have more nuanced doctrines which are based on texts from the Old and New…

The Church’s attitude towards homosexuality

According to recent surveys, the percentage of men who consider themselves to be homosexual is around 5% -10%. These figures are subject to controversy, mainly because of the methodology used to establish the data and should therefore be treated with…

The Church, civil marriage and common-law marriage…

Civil marriage is regarded as the legitimate union of a man and a woman who officially commit to sharing their lives, and the education of their children. In Europe, the number of marriages taking place has fallen sharply in recent decades. For some…

The debates on contraception in the USA

In the U.S., the discussions on contraception have been very lively and seem surreal to Europeans. In fact, it's not contraception itself which is vilified, but the project of repayment for contraceptives (especially the pill), currently being proposed by…

The Church is 200 years behind the times

The Church is 200 years behind the times. Why doesn't it move? Are we afraid? ». This is Cardinal Carlo Maria Martini’s conclusion, given in a final interview and published posthumously in the Italian newspaper Corriere della Sera on the 1st September…

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