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Why book a series of articles on the problems of contraception?

In 1968, at the time of the publication of the Encyclical Humanae Vitae of Pope Paul VI an irretrievable breakdown occurred between the Catholics and the Vatican. The company had changed considerably. Pope banned outside of periodic continence, while contraceptive since the withdrawal until the pill through the condom.
His diktat was deemed as unacceptable interference in couples.

The legacy of this encyclical were very damaging. Yet the commission of bishops who had analyzed the problem was mostly favored the use of contraceptive methods. Paul VI rejected this report.

Again, enlighten you, read texts that this site offers and ask yourself whether there is an inconsistency to follow the evangelical precepts and schedule births in a family.

The Catholic Church’s doctrine on contraception

In order not to go back to St Augustin or St Thomas of Aquin, both of whom condemned contraception, it is probably more prudent to look at the two encyclicals of the 20th century that have treated the subject of contraception within married couples.

Why do Christians no longer follow the Vatican?

For the majority of loyal believers, the Catholic Church’s teachings on contraception have lost all credibility. The articles written on the subject on this site speak for themselves. It is clear that the Church’s doctrine on contraception is completely…

The biblical basis for the doctrine on contraception

There are no verses in the Old Testament, and even less in the New Testament, that explicitly condemn contraception. The only reference made then was to the term withdrawal or, in other words, coitus interruptus and God know that the Old Testament contains…

Why is the Church so against the condom?

The masculine form of contraception, the condom, is used for two purposes – to avoid pregnancy and to avoid the transmission of sexual diseases (STD).

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