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Address the subject of clerical celibacy is not an easy task. Dare to return to the basic texts, dare to be based on the research of theologians during the past fifty years, dare reread the history of the Church, that is our goal. Among the key issues, everyone is invited to ask in Jesus he was single? Texts on which to base? He advocated celibacy?

The apostles were married? Why Saint Paul says about celibacy as it has not received any teaching of the Lord? How the Church did it come to impose celibacy on priests? What is the difference between celibacy and chastity? Why monks take a vow of chastity, but not diocesan priests? Why sister churches, such as Anglican and Orthodox churches, do they not require celibacy for their priests? And finally account, how do they live priests celibate?.

Was Jesus single or married?

This question is one that riles the Catholic Church and one on which it takes a hard line. The Church clamps down heavily on anyone who has the audacity to reread the Scriptures and raise questions on the subject. But let us have a look at this question…

Did Jesus preach celibacy?

Didn’t Jesus say, “There are others (eunuchs) who do not marry for the sake of the Kingdom of heaven.” ? So did Jesus in fact preach about celibacy? Was St Paul, in fact, mistaken? Once again we need to go back to the sources. The only Evangelist who…

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