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Address the subject of clerical celibacy is not an easy task. Dare to return to the basic texts, dare to be based on the research of theologians during the past fifty years, dare reread the history of the Church, that is our goal. Among the key issues, everyone is invited to ask in Jesus he was single? Texts on which to base? He advocated celibacy?

The apostles were married? Why Saint Paul says about celibacy as it has not received any teaching of the Lord? How the Church did it come to impose celibacy on priests? What is the difference between celibacy and chastity? Why monks take a vow of chastity, but not diocesan priests? Why sister churches, such as Anglican and Orthodox churches, do they not require celibacy for their priests? And finally account, how do they live priests celibate?.

The Mary Magdalene affair

Jesus was surrounded by disciples, some of whom were women, which was unique in Jewish circles. The Evangelists (Luke 8, 2-3; Luke 23,49; Luke 24,10; Matthew 15, 10-41; Mark 15, 40-41; John 19,25) regularly talk about them. We also learn, despite there …

How is imposed celibacy perceived?

First of all it should be said that, in so far as laymen will never allow clerics to come and intrude in their private lives, they themselves are in no position to lecture priests about whether or not to practise celibacy. We have no right to play the mora…

The origin of celibacy imposed on priests

For many centuries, priests were not bound by the laws of celibacy. Throughout the history of the Catholic Church there have been many married priests, bishops and popes. Eleven popes were themselves the sons of popes or clerics. Celibacy has been imposed …

The difference between celibacy and chastity

The Church has maintained complete confusion over these two terms. The discussion is a delicate one. Everyone would agree that celibacy does not mean chastity. Furthermore it was celibacy and not chastity that was imposed on the priests and bishops by the …

Were the apostles married?

The Evangelists, even if they evoke the names of the apostles, do not talk about their families as such. There was no interest in describing either their civil status or their marital status. It is only by chance that we learn that Peter (Simon) had a moth…

Recent comments

To all who dare to amend the True Teachings of Christ and replace the authority of His Church with there own. Why on earth are you questioning the authority of the HIstoric Roman Catholic Church? Do you not know that to do so incurrs automatic excommunication. You are damned. It is not easy to write that, but it is true. St Justin Martyr, who was trained by St John wrote "No Schismatic, Heretic or Apostate can enter Heaven" The reason for that being, that to alter proclaimed Dogmas historically taught, is to create a NEW Christ. Christ has revealed Himself, do not allow ANYONE to foist a New One on you. Base people form New Christ's every day, to match their human, carnal Apetites. Be very wary of following that Christ. He is wantonly seeking to betray the True Lord who is seeking your loyal fidelity to His lawful, unchanging Church. I have researched - what you clear vainglorious rebbles, have sneeringly derided in your remarks upon this website. Women are lay members of the Holy Catholic Church, or consecrated celibate Brides of Christ. You commenters have no right to devalue what has already been taught and set in Motion by the Church that KNEW Christ. As stated elsewhere on this website, Clerical Celibacy is a historic accuracy. During the Old Covenant, there were literally hundreds of Priests to serve the Temple in Jerusalem, and during the time a Priest was involved in the Temple Sacrifices, it was forbidden for him to be sexually active with his wife. Due to the extraordinary surplace of Priests, often a Priest (such as St Elizabeth's husband Zacarius) only received a call to serve once in every couple of years. YET, it was an order, that once that service was required, he must refrain from sexual conduct. Today, of course, the Priesthood is different. Each Priest, is called to offer the Sacrifice, and be in the Lord's Presence, every single day. THAT is the historic reasoning behind enforced celibacy. Now, on to other matters. It is extremely dangerous to question the matters regarding the historicity of the norms of authentic Catholicism. You are clearly unaware as to the remainder of the Laws set in motion during the History of the Holy Church of God. I give you these links to watch. If you wish to be relieved from your lack of obediance to the Authorative legal structure. Perhaps you choose to be damned to Hell. Women have NEVER served Christ in a clerical capacity. Look to ancient Judaism, and the early Rabicical Priesthood. Christ is God. If He denies women the right to approach His Altar in that Capacity, it is not for us to muse otherwise. God will strike down any who question His requests. Be more obediant to the ancient Scriptures. When you read the Old Testament, remember that It was Christ who appeared before Abraham, it is Christ who rained down fire on Sodom and Gomorrah. Genesis 19:24 And the Lord rained upon Sodom and Gomorrah brimstone and fire from the LORD out of Heaven. As you can see above - there are MANY passages of Scripture depicting more than one member of the Triune Godhead is present throughout the Texts. Visit my Google plus page - There is a link discussing the Trinity in the Old Testament. If it were not sanctioned 2000 years ago, it is due to God's Divine Authoratative WILL, and therefore not a matter for complaint by a troubled narcissistic world. The Temple is a place for Worship of God. Christ came not to alter the Law, but to reinstigate TRUE worship of God. Christ is the TRUE image of the Eternal Triune Godhead, He said "The Father and I are ONE" clearly stating that He is of the same mind, and intent as His Father, the STRICT God of the Old Testament. Christ's Words are Truth. That means they can not be tampered with to obtain a revised set of Clerics more serving of rebellious satanists than the True God of Scripture whose wrath fell down on the Levitical Priests who dared to approach Him incorrectly and irreligiously garbed. Lord have Mercy on YOU. True Mercy, that you may appreciate the Sacrifice of Your God on the Holy Cross of your redemption. Your sins are numerous, your wishes are base, and you really have no notion of how abhorrant revised Doctrines and Dogmas ARE to the God who LOVES you! Stay away from all that is ritually impure. God has had His FILL of the wantoness and the agression of the irreverent Temple worshippers of the Ba'al that the apostates have instilled in His Place. The Abomination of Desolation is in place. Run to Him, serve HIM, seek NOT to alter His Will or Laws to flatter your OWN inclinations. If you serve Him, through His lawful, legitimate Church - you will be saved the wrath of God terrifying you when you meet Him face to face. Feel free to examine the evidence. God loves you - Don't despise His statutes. Say "God's WILL be done - not my own." Say also "Into Thy hand's, Oh Lord, I commend MY Spirit, this day and always! " These three watched in sequence state objective TRUTH proven scientifically. The blood of every known Eucharistic Miracle matches that of the blood upon the Turin Shroud and also that found on the Sudarium of Oviedo. Science PROVES without a shadow of a doubt, that the person whose blood is on the Shroud and the Sudarium, is from the same person whose flesh can be examined in every known Eucharistic Miracle. Dr Ricardo Castanon PHD has examined the Eucharistic Miracles, which were sent to two Universities for complete analysis. The two further links provide the remaining information Dr Ricardo Castanon PHD - Faith and Science (A former Atheist proves the Real Presence of Our Lord Jesus Christ) The Eucharistic Miracle of Lanciano Shroud of Turin and Christ and the Sudarium. Science Tests Faith: Miracles of the Eucharist. Dr Steve Ray - Footprints of God - Peter; (Holy Land based Documentary) Dr Steve Ray - Footprints of God - Mary; (Holy Land based Documentary) Dr Steve Ray - Footprints of God - Paul - (Holy Land based Documentary) Dr Brant Pitre - Jesus and the Jewish Roots of the Eucharist Dr Brant Pitre - The Faith of Abraham and the Spiritual Life Science Tests Faith: Miracles of the Eucharist. Father Zlatko Sudac - Visionary, Stigmatic suffers the Passion and death of Christ every Friday. Exhibits proof of Christ being with him in His amazing Homilies. Film about the apparitions of Fatima 1917 The Kiss of Judas Iscariot and the betrayal of the Roman Catholic Church. St Michael The Truth of the unchanging Church exposes the False Church of Today - a Canon Lawyer Discusses Church Dogma This article from the Catholic Gazette (English) 1936 exposes the truth of what is happening today. The writings of the Apostolic Fathers - those known and taught by the Apostles.
C Alexander on The true reasons for prohibiting the ordination of women

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