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For a Lady Pope


Address the subject of clerical celibacy is not an easy task. Dare to return to the basic texts, dare to be based on the research of theologians during the past fifty years, dare reread the history of the Church, that is our goal. Among the key issues, everyone is invited to ask in Jesus he was single? Texts on which to base? He advocated celibacy?

The apostles were married? Why Saint Paul says about celibacy as it has not received any teaching of the Lord? How the Church did it come to impose celibacy on priests? What is the difference between celibacy and chastity? Why monks take a vow of chastity, but not diocesan priests? Why sister churches, such as Anglican and Orthodox churches, do they not require celibacy for their priests? And finally account, how do they live priests celibate?.

The Mary Magdalene affair

Jesus was surrounded by disciples, some of whom were women, which was unique in Jewish circles. The Evangelists (Luke 8, 2-3; Luke 23,49; Luke 24,10; Matthew 15, 10-41; Mark 15, 40-41; John 19,25) regularly talk about them. We also learn, despite there …

How is imposed celibacy perceived?

First of all it should be said that, in so far as laymen will never allow clerics to come and intrude in their private lives, they themselves are in no position to lecture priests about whether or not to practise celibacy. We have no right to play the mora…

The origin of celibacy imposed on priests

For many centuries, priests were not bound by the laws of celibacy. Throughout the history of the Catholic Church there have been many married priests, bishops and popes. Eleven popes were themselves the sons of popes or clerics. Celibacy has been imposed …

The difference between celibacy and chastity

The Church has maintained complete confusion over these two terms. The discussion is a delicate one. Everyone would agree that celibacy does not mean chastity. Furthermore it was celibacy and not chastity that was imposed on the priests and bishops by the …

Were the apostles married?

The Evangelists, even if they evoke the names of the apostles, do not talk about their families as such. There was no interest in describing either their civil status or their marital status. It is only by chance that we learn that Peter (Simon) had a moth…

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right now, like many things, im clueless as to THE answer, everyone has an opinion, and in some countries those opinions can be expressed without persecution, so its great to share and ponder and improve life and for all creatures and mankind who live it. Mysteries are part of the understanding. Gods will isnt understandable to ours. So if I don't follow some things does it change everything? well I cant follow everything and agree with everything bc its breeds totalitarianism and absolutism to power of man not unknowing and living lifes experiences by doing ones best to please God. I think we will not ever know anything new and better unless someone experiences it and gives testimony. A new path, shorter more direct, less dangerous, found by first to cut through the hedgerows and leave the maze? I dont know. i'm catholic. Not ery good one Im afraid. But everyday, everyday, I serve the poor and misguided. And I can just say..Be the change you want to see...if you want a lady Pope, then try to be that person, maybe you will inspire the one Ordained by God to be that person. Dont just write but be. Share the Love of God with yourself and others by accepting service to others in His name.
Christopher LaFayelle on The true reasons for prohibiting the ordination of women

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